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L’Association des Collèges privés du Québec (ACPQ) is proud to announce that it granted this year’s Prix des bâtisseurs to two centenary family-run colleges, Bart College and O’Sullivan College of Montreal during its Annual General Meeting, held at l’École nationale de cirque.

“The Bart family and the Rousseau family have built colleges where the constant development of new training activities is at the root of their DNA,” said ACPQ Director General Pierre L’Heureux.

Each year, the ACPQ grants the award to a person or group who has made a significant impact on the recognition of Quebec’s private subsidized colleges, on the development of the network or on the quality of college education, in terms of ideas, organization or promotion.

These are « les bâtisseurs », the builders, the men and women of the private college network who continue the strong tradition of offering quality education.This translates into an unprecedented level of academic and educational achievement for students who in the private-colleges network. These builders convey fundamental values such as honesty, responsibility and social commitment. They create an inspirational legacy.

This year’s two winning colleges received a sculpture by Quebec artist Denis Gagnon. The sculpture is composed of an assembly of four glass plates mounted in superposition one above the other by means of glass beads. Each plate has a square of different colours, to represent the knowledge which is passed down from generation to generation, which will be polished by unique teaching of each subject.


About Bart College and O’Sullivan College of Montreal

For more than 100 years, Bart College has been directed by four generations of the Bart family: Jean-Baptiste Bart; Jean-Guy Bart; Marjolaine Bart and Michel Bellerose; and now Dominique Bellerose Bart and Nicolas Bellerose. Since its founding, Bart has distinguished itself through the achievement of expertise that is directly transferable to the labour market in various sectors. This has correlated with the development of the labour market since 1917. At the end of their training, students are ready to meet the challenges of their new employer and to fully live their passion. Staff availability, the free placement assistance service, personalized services and student supervision are services that establish tThe College has established its solid reputation through staff availability, placement assistance, personalized services, student supervision and partnerships with major players in the training sectors.

The Rousseau family has been closely linked with O’Sullivan College of Montreal since the school was founded in 1916. After having, respectively worked there as secretary and teacher, Mrs. and Mr. Rousseau were given the mandate to administer the College in 1931 and then acquire it in 1934. In 1961, following the death of Mr. Rousseau , their sons Rodolphe Rousseau joined the college and undertook major changes that transformed the small commercial college into a technical college with structures, an educational mission and development strategies. Today, the third-generation College is led by Joanne Rousseau, after 14 years as Director of Studies; Jacques Rousseau, Board Member; Lisanne Rousseau, Director of Marketing and Admissions and Placement Services; and Pierre Rousseau, who oversees material and physical resources. The College’s philosophy is based on three principles: exceptional quality of training; excellence of thought; and complete training of the person. O’Sullivan College of Montreal has maintained its leadership position in the development of quality programs where professors have a solid workplace experience that transforms theory into practice. O’Sullivan College of Montreal is recognized for its leadership and ability to think outside the box, including innovative models for programs.

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