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The ACPQ supports the formation of a council of Quebec colleges and a council of Quebec universities

Montreal, July 12, 2016 - The Association des collèges privés du Québec (ACPQ) supports the formation of a Council of Quebec colleges and a Council of Quebec universities announced by the Minister of Higher Education, Ms. Hélène David . The ACPQ salute the leadership of Ms. David as she will take the initiative to quickly share the recommendations to be issued by Corbo and gentlemen Demers. The Association believes the establishment of a Joint Commission of colleges and universities will promote collaboration and cooperation.

"The ACPQ’s network will participate with interest to the consultations and the work ahead. The development of colleges as leaders is part of morals subsidized private colleges and we believe in the power of network complementarity. The priority for student success is unequivocal and we will keep this value at the heart of our recommendations. "Said the President of ACPQ, Michel April.

The ACPQ also guarantee support to Mr. Guy Demers for pursuing its reflection on the revision of the college’s plan. The Association has already ruled in favor of the recommendations included in the site’s report on the college training offers (2013) and the network of subsidized private colleges is ready to implement pilot projects that will enable the emergence of the best practices.

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