Montreal, June 7, 2017 - The Association of Private Colleges of Quebec (ACPQ) is proud to present this year’s Innovation Award to Marianopolis College for its Pollinator Project and Green Classroom. Under the guidance of Biology Professor Michèle Saumier, this innovative project brought together the Marianopolis community in concrete terms around environmental issues.

Each year, the ACPQ’s Innovation Award celebrates the innovative achievements of a person or group of people in an institution or the college network who have made a positive impact on private education’s reputation, quality of education, academic success, recruitment and regional economy.

The ACPQ jury noted the project’s collaborative nature, focus on partnerships and support of sustainable development. Professor Saumier and her students created a bee garden, enriched the College’s butterfly garden and built a motel for insects, thus raising the Marianopolis community’s awareness of the important role that pollination plays in maintaining the balance of ecosystems. It was important for Professor Saumier to use a practical pedagogical approach to her students’ acquisition of skills. For example, students carried out extensive research to select plants that could attract bees, worked as a team and recruited volunteers to ensure the maintenance of the gardens.

The benefits of the project were greater than expected. The entire Marianopolis community can now study, learn and relax in a peaceful green space. Marianopolis students pursuing an Environmental Studies Certificate will gain hands-on experience by helping to sustain the gardens next year.

As part of the award, Marianopolis received a sculpture by Quebec artist Denis Gagnon, entitled The Earth’s gold. The inspiration of this piece is the importance of pollination in sustaining ecosystems. The work of bees is an essential part of the very existence of life on earth and pollen is a valuable substance providing the necessary balance for our presence in the great chain of life. To illustrate this simple and complex point, the artist inserted spaces covered in gold leaves where pollen is naturally found on flowers and insects. The glass engraving offers a gripping and luminous vision.

The Association des collèges privés du Québec (ACPQ) was present at the national consultation for a policy on educational success held on December 1st and 2nd.

Here are some segments of the president’s interventions, M. Michel April, CEO of Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf.

Priority in Education in Quebec

Achieving the full potential of all students

An environment for development, learning and success

In response to the consultation, the Association des collèges privés du Québec (ACPQ) submitted its memoire to the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur. On november 11 th, officials of ACPQ showed the fruit of reflections and recommendations to the experts Mrs. Rachel Aubé and gentlemen Guy Demers and Louis Lefebvre.

ACPQ memoire about the project of Conseil des collèges du Québec, Commission mixte et propositions de modifications au Règlement sur le régime des études collégiales

Annually, ACPQ awards a person or group of people being shown by professional achievement badges that had a significant impact, particularly on the recognition of subsidized private colleges in Quebec, the network development or the quality of college education, in terms of ideas, organization or promotion.

As part of its annual general meeting holding at LaSalle College in Montreal, the Association awarded the Prize in 2016 at the National Circus School. The National Circus School is a college of secondary and post-secondary art devoted to the education and training of professional circus artists and teachers. The school is also a center of research and innovation in circus arts and pedagogy.

Founded in 1981, so there was no higher education in circus school in Canada and throughout North America and one European circus school, the National Circus School now occupies a role leading among the best circus schools in the world. International in scope, the School is the only public or private institution in North America that offers three educational training programs in circus arts. It has about 150 students annually. The development of their own educational model, radiation and attracting international as well as its research chair awarded by the Council in Social Sciences and Humanities are just a few examples of innovation and daring that were able to act as a lever for the School and for the Quebec college network.

At the ceremony of award of the Builders 2016 in recognition guide, the National Circus School received a sculpture by Quebec artist Denis Gagnon. The work of glass juggles highly symbolic concepts for the circus arts is balance and movement while emphasizing, center, artist, student without which nothing is possible.

Montreal, July 12, 2016 - The Association des collèges privés du Québec (ACPQ) supports the formation of a Council of Quebec colleges and a Council of Quebec universities announced by the Minister of Higher Education, Ms. Hélène David . The ACPQ salute the leadership of Ms. David as she will take the initiative to quickly share the recommendations to be issued by Corbo and gentlemen Demers. The Association believes the establishment of a Joint Commission of colleges and universities will promote collaboration and cooperation.

"The ACPQ’s network will participate with interest to the consultations and the work ahead. The development of colleges as leaders is part of morals subsidized private colleges and we believe in the power of network complementarity. The priority for student success is unequivocal and we will keep this value at the heart of our recommendations. "Said the President of ACPQ, Michel April.

The ACPQ also guarantee support to Mr. Guy Demers for pursuing its reflection on the revision of the college’s plan. The Association has already ruled in favor of the recommendations included in the site’s report on the college training offers (2013) and the network of subsidized private colleges is ready to implement pilot projects that will enable the emergence of the best practices.
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